Agile Team Tune-up Workshop

The Agile Team Tune-up is a one-day facilitated workshop to help established Agile Teams create an action plan for significant process improvements. It is designed for Teams that are struggling or effective Teams who are looking for ways to supercharge their delivery capability. The following framework is followed but the specific agenda and content are decided by the Team as the day proceeds.

Workshop Agenda

Agile Principles and Practices Review

  • Agile Principles
  • Common Practices of Scrum/XP/Lean
  • Why Agile Works

Team Self-Assessment

  • Compare current Team practices to common Agile practices
  • Q & A on Relevant Agile Topics

Gap Analysis

  • Identify the differences
  • Discuss significance and consequences of the differences
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Action Plan

  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Identify potential impediments to achieving the changes
  • Identify specific actions toward the highest priority opportunities


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